可靠的菠菜app的学术成功中心是一个为各个层次的学生提供资源支持的星座, 指令, and academic support they need to succeed. We offer levels of support for every kind of learner, 从临时写作和数学中心到结构化的学术策略教程和支持的晚间自习室. 收藏于克拉普图书馆, 学术成功中心帮助支持和挑战学生充分发挥他们的潜力.


If you have more detailed questions about 学术 Support at Williston, please contact our Director of 学术 Support, 劳拉Vachet at (413) 529-3964 or 通过电子邮件.


• Dedicated 学术 Support Team


• 学术 Strategies Tutorial




Modeled on the Amherst College 写作 program, 可靠的菠菜app的写作资源中心为你提供一对一的支持,帮助你成为一个更灵活、更有效的作家. Staffed by professional 写作 teachers and peer tutors, the center is open during the class day and during evening study periods. Whether you’re working on a term paper, a creative 写作 exercise, 或者一篇大学论文, you can bring work to be critiqued.


我们这里讲数学. Welcome to the 数学 Resource Center, 在哪里你可以得到家庭作业的帮助,或者只是和数学专家老师和学生讨论很酷的数学概念. The center has regularly scheduled hours each school day, so you can book an appointment or drop in with questions. 该中心支持所有级别的数学,从代数1到BC多元微积分.


Calling all science students! If you want help with an assignment, extra practice problems, or just a quiet environment to do homework, you are welcome at the Science Resource Center, w在这里 science teachers and student tutors are eager to assist. You’ll find they’re patient, explain difficult concepts fluently, and generally exude a passion for all things science.


aret是可靠的菠菜app的同行学术辅导组织(以希腊语“卓越”命名). Juniors and seniors in high academic standing are invited to be tutors, 然后与在导师擅长领域寻求额外支持的同学配对. 在上课日,活动期间和晚上的自习室时间都可以提供课外辅导.

学术 Support Programs

  • One-on-One and Group Teacher Meetings

    学生可以在课外安排与老师的个人或小组会议. Teachers are often available to meet during their free periods, 上学前或放学后, and/or during the evenings.

  • Learning Strategies Meetings with 学术 Support Staff

    所有学生(无论是否参加考试)都可以安排与学术支持人员的15分钟会议,以获得学习技巧方面的额外帮助, 测试准备, 笔记, 组织, 或计划.

  • 学科领域导师

    任何需要学科领域学术支持的学生(有或没有测试)都可以要求导师. These tutors are paid for by the family, 但经过可靠的菠菜app的审查,可以在校园里或在学生的空闲时间通过Zoom与学生合作. 父母 may request a tutor by contacting the Director of 学术 Support.

  • 学术住宿

    For students with neuro心理 or psychoeducational testing, 学术支持主任审查文件,并与每个学生的家庭合作起草住宿文件. 本文件与教师分享,以帮助提供适当的教育策略. A few examples of accommodations are:

    • Provision of class notes
    • Breaking down long term assignments
    • Use of a computer for 写作
    • Support using or creating outlines or graphic organizers
    • Use of audio texts and other reading technologies
    • Extended time for testing
    • Reduced distraction testing environment 
  • 中学 学术 Support Programs

    我们很自豪地提供 academic support programs 在中学, 包括监考自习室和学术策略辅导班(见下文),指导执行功能和学习技巧, 以及一个结构化的辅导课程和家庭作业完成计划. Please note that some programs have associated costs, but t在这里 are many free options (including our Writing, 数学, and Science Resource Centers) that 中学ers can access. If you have additional questions about the programs, please be in touch with 劳拉Vachet, Director of 学术 Support. 

    The 学术 Strategies Tutorial 一个定期安排的课程通常是在每两周的课程安排周期内上三次课吗. 学生将以小组形式与学术支持人员会面,学习促进学术成功的技能和策略.  学术策略教程旨在补充学生的其他课程.  Lessons may include: planning and scheduling for daily homework, strategies for assessment preparation; effective note-taking skills; reading comprehension strategies; and effectively using the School’s resources and technology.  学生以每学期为基础注册,必须在学期开始后两周内注册该课程.  To enroll in AST, please complete the program agreement 在这里.

  • Upper School 学术 Strategies Tutorial

    选择参加学术策略课程的学生将在每两周周期的四个小组课程中与学术支持讲师会面,以获得具体的指导, targeted 指令 to build executive functioning skills. Topics of the class may include:

    • Planning and scheduling for daily homework
    • 学习英语、数学、科学、历史和外语的策略
    • 有效记笔记
    • Reading comprehension strategies
    • Using Williston resources effectively
    • Use of the Microsoft Surface for learning
    • 应试策略
    • Essay preparation and editing
    • Time management skills and techniques to improve initiation and motivation
    • 额外的学术指导,监督和与顾问和老师的沟通

    学习学术策略教程的学生将经常收到关于他们使用策略和学业成功的书面反馈, which will also be shared with parents and other teachers.

    Available to any student for a fee.

  • Laboratory for 学术 成功

    在这个专门的学习空间,在晚上的自习室举行,教师监督和支持学生. Subject-specific tutors are also available nightly. 低师生比例使每个学生都能得到量身定制的关注和帮助,帮助他们取得成功.

    Available to any student for a fee.

  • 教育评估

    如果学生遇到学业上的困难,这表明教育评估是适当的, Williston can help parents explore potential resources for such testing. The school maintains a list of referrals for educational, 知识, 心理, or speech and language evaluations, should parents/ guardians wish to consult with the school. 在这方面需要指导的家长被鼓励咨询学术支持或健康和保健服务主任.

    Available to any student; fee determined by outside provider

  • English Language Learning

    For students transitioning into standard English classrooms, 可靠的菠菜app提供为期一年的课程,重点关注英语学习者固有的文化转型和文学实践. The major components of this course help improve specific skills in reading, 写作, 听, 和口语. 非英语为母语的学生是否进入ELL是由他们对以前的英语课程和考试成绩的回顾来决定的, as well as an English aptitude test, 如果有必要的话.

    可靠的菠菜app理解,进入完整英语浸入式体验的学生可能会喜欢额外的支持,因为他们在使用(掌握)英语语言方面变得更加自信和舒适. During the initial transitional period, AST can provide additional supports, which may include reviewing teacher expectations, understanding English expressions in literature, teaching decoding strategies, providing supplemental readings to complement class texts, and creating graphic organizers for 写作 and notetaking.  

    Please note that this program has associated costs. If you have additional questions about the programs, please be in touch with 劳拉Vachet, Director of 学术 Support.  

  • Standardized Testing Prep

    As part of the College Counseling process, 可靠的菠菜app帮助那些对ACT和SAT的小组备考感兴趣的大三学生提供校内和校外的机会. 我们与两个经过学校审核的辅导小组合作,提供3节课和6节课的校园工作坊, and full-day intensives on campus. 校外, 通过可靠的菠菜app审查的导师,也可以在当地提供为期8周的讲习班和全天强化课程.

    For more information about our offerings, visit the College Counseling page.

  • 返回学习

    During the course of the academic year, sometimes students are injured, sustain a concussion or become sick. 学术部门与健康和健康服务部门一起在这里为您的学生提供康复期间的支持. 

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